Shipping Policy


Scrapbook Cafe ships Canada Post by Default. Other carries can be used on customer request. 

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates from our website are calculated primary on item size. This effectively breaks packages into 3 sizes, being letter, envelope, and box. The good news is that the site is able get the rate bang-on most of the time. However, it is sometimes possible to save you a buck or two by doing things like remove the item from its original package. If you think this may be the case, feel free to request a quote! This can be done at checkout. 


When you check out, you will choose one of 6 shipping options - based on your order

  1. Free Shipping - For orders over $150
  2. Letter - For small items
  3. Envelope - For medium items
  4. Box - For large items 
  5. Ask for a Quote
  6. Hold for pickup

Regardless of the shipping option chosen, payment is due immediately in the form chosen on the payment screen. Items that have not been paid for can not be guaranteed to be held in stock.

Shipping charges will be applied in one of three ways:

  1. Charges added to the total amount when paying through website. Applicable for Letter, Envelope and Box rates.
  2. Charges added to total invoice when paying by means other than website portal. Applicable for Letter, Envelope, Box, and Quoted rates. 
  3. Charges will be invoiced separately from the total cost of the products. Applicable for quoted rates when products have already been paid for through the website.


Shipments are sent out the business day following complete payment of product and shipping fees. (*pending all items are in stock)